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Iterator yielding data from a Numpy array.

Inherits From: Iterator

x Numpy array of input data or tuple. If tuple, the second elements is either another numpy array or a list of numpy arrays, each of which gets passed through as an output without any modifications.
y Numpy array of targets data.
image_data_generator Instance of ImageDataGenerator to use for random transformations and normalization.
batch_size Integer, size of a batch.
shuffle Boolean, whether to shuffle the data between epochs.
sample_weight Numpy array of sample weights.
seed Random seed for data shuffling.
data_format String, one of channels_first, channels_last.
save_to_dir Optional directory where to save the pictures being yielded, in a viewable format. This is useful for visualizing the random transformations being applied, for debugging purposes.
save_prefix String prefix to use for saving sample images (if save_to_dir is set).
save_format Format to use for saving sample images (if save_to_dir is set).
subset Subset of data ("training" or "validation") if validation_split is set in ImageDataGenerator.
dtype Dtype to use for the generated arrays.



For python 2.x.


The next batch.






Class Variables

  • white_list_formats