Reshapes a quantized tensor as per the Reshape op.

    tensor, shape, input_min, input_max, name=None

#### Args:

* <b>`tensor`</b>: A `Tensor`.
* <b>`shape`</b>: A `Tensor`. Must be one of the following types: `int32`, `int64`.
  Defines the shape of the output tensor.
* <b>`input_min`</b>: A `Tensor` of type `float32`. The minimum value of the input.
* <b>`input_max`</b>: A `Tensor` of type `float32`. The maximum value of the input.
* <b>`name`</b>: A name for the operation (optional).

#### Returns:

A tuple of `Tensor` objects (output, output_min, output_max).

* <b>`output`</b>: A `Tensor`. Has the same type as `tensor`.
* <b>`output_min`</b>: A `Tensor` of type `float32`.
* <b>`output_max`</b>: A `Tensor` of type `float32`.