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Copy a tensor to host.

Performs CPU-to-CPU deep-copying of tensor. N.B.: If the all downstream attached debug ops are disabled given the current gRPC gating status, the output will simply forward the input tensor without deep-copying. See the documentation of Debug* ops for more details.

Unlike the Copy Op, this op has HostMemory constraint on its input or output.

input A Tensor. Input tensor.
tensor_name An optional string. Defaults to "". The name of the input tensor.
debug_ops_spec An optional list of strings. Defaults to []. A list of debug op spec (op, url, gated_grpc) for attached debug ops. Each element of the list has the format ;;, wherein gated_grpc is boolean represented as 0/1. E.g., "DebugIdentity;grpc://foo:3333;1", "DebugIdentity;file:///tmp/tfdbg_1;0".
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor. Has the same type as input.