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Represent a collection of device filters for the remote workers in cluster.


NOTE: this is an experimental API and subject to changes.

Set device filters for selective jobs and tasks. For each remote worker, the device filters are a list of strings. When any filters are present, the remote worker will ignore all devices which do not match any of its filters. Each filter can be partially specified, e.g. "/job:ps", "/job:worker/replica:3", etc. Note that a device is always visible to the worker it is located on.

For example, to set the device filters for a parameter server cluster:

cdf = tf.config.experimental.ClusterDeviceFilters()
for i in range(num_workers):
  cdf.set_device_filters('worker', i, ['/job:ps'])
for i in range(num_ps):
  cdf.set_device_filters('ps', i, ['/job:worker'])


The device filters can be partically specified. For remote tasks that do not have device filters specified, all devices will be visible to them.



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    job_name, task_index, device_filters

Set the device filters for given job name and task id.