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The gradient of SparseFillEmptyRows.

Takes vectors reverse_index_map, shaped [N], and grad_values, shaped [N_full], where N_full >= N and copies data into either d_values or d_default_value. Here d_values is shaped [N] and d_default_value is a scalar.

d_values[j] = grad_values[reverse_index_map[j]] d_defaultvalue = sum{k : 0 .. N_full - 1} ( grad_values[k] * 1{k not in reverse_index_map})

reverse_index_map A Tensor of type int64. 1-D. The reverse index map from SparseFillEmptyRows.
grad_values A Tensor. 1-D. The gradients from backprop.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A tuple of Tensor objects (d_values, d_default_value).
d_values A Tensor. Has the same type as grad_values.
d_default_value A Tensor. Has the same type as grad_values.