Creates a MultiDeviceIterator resource.

    devices, shared_name, container, output_types, output_shapes, name=None


  • devices: A list of strings that has length >= 1. A list of devices the iterator works across.
  • shared_name: A string. If non-empty, this resource will be shared under the given name across multiple sessions.
  • container: A string. If non-empty, this resource is placed in the given container. Otherwise, a default container is used.
  • output_types: A list of tf.DTypes that has length >= 1. The type list for the return values.
  • output_shapes: A list of shapes (each a tf.TensorShape or list of ints) that has length >= 1. The list of shapes being produced.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A Tensor of type resource.