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Represents the value of a RaggedTensor.

    values, row_splits

See tf.RaggedTensor for a description of ragged tensors.


  • values: A numpy array of any type and shape; or a RaggedTensorValue.
  • row_splits: A 1-D int32 or int64 numpy array.


  • dtype: The numpy dtype of values in this tensor.
  • flat_values: The innermost values array for this ragged tensor value.
  • nested_row_splits: The row_splits for all ragged dimensions in this ragged tensor value.
  • ragged_rank: The number of ragged dimensions in this ragged tensor value.
  • row_splits: The split indices for the ragged tensor value.
  • shape: A tuple indicating the shape of this RaggedTensorValue.
  • values: The concatenated values for all rows in this tensor.



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Returns this ragged tensor value as a nested Python list.