BooleanNdArray An NdArray of booleans. 
ByteNdArray An NdArray of bytes. 
DoubleNdArray An NdArray of doubles. 
FloatNdArray An NdArray of floats. 
IntNdArray An NdArray of integers. 
LongNdArray An NdArray of longs. 
NdArray<T> A data structure of N-dimensions. 
NdArraySequence<T extends NdArray<?>> A sequence of elements of an N-dimensional array. 
Shaped Any data container with a given Shape
ShortNdArray An NdArray of shorts. 


NdArrays Utility class for instantiating NdArray objects. 
Shape The shape of a Tensor or NdArray
StdArrays Utility class for working with NdArray instances mixed with standard Java arrays. 


IllegalRankException Exception thrown when an operation cannot be completed because of the rank of the targeted array.