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AutoShardDataset Creates a dataset that shards the input dataset. 
AutoShardDataset.Options Optional attributes for AutoShardDataset  
BytesProducedStatsDataset Records the bytes size of each element of `input_dataset` in a StatsAggregator. 
CompressElement Compresses a dataset element. 
DataServiceDataset.Options Optional attributes for DataServiceDataset  
DatasetCardinality Returns the cardinality of `input_dataset`. 
DatasetToTFRecord Writes the given dataset to the given file using the TFRecord format. 
DenseToSparseBatchDataset Creates a dataset that batches input elements into a SparseTensor. 
DirectedInterleaveDataset A substitute for `InterleaveDataset` on a fixed list of `N` datasets. 
IgnoreErrorsDataset Creates a dataset that contains the elements of `input_dataset` ignoring errors. 
IgnoreErrorsDataset.Options Optional attributes for IgnoreErrorsDataset  
IteratorGetDevice Returns the name of the device on which `resource` has been placed. 
LatencyStatsDataset Records the latency of producing `input_dataset` elements in a StatsAggregator. 
MaxIntraOpParallelismDataset Creates a dataset that overrides the maximum intra-op parallelism. 
ParseExampleDataset Transforms `input_dataset` containing `Example` protos as vectors of DT_STRING into a dataset of `Tensor` or `SparseTensor` objects representing the parsed features. 
ParseExampleDataset.Options Optional attributes for ParseExampleDataset  
PrivateThreadPoolDataset Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
RandomDataset Creates a Dataset that returns pseudorandom numbers. 
RebatchDataset Creates a dataset that changes the batch size. 
RebatchDataset.Options Optional attributes for RebatchDataset  
SlidingWindowDataset Creates a dataset that passes a sliding window over `input_dataset`. 
SqlDataset Creates a dataset that executes a SQL query and emits rows of the result set. 
StatsAggregatorHandle.Options Optional attributes for StatsAggregatorHandle  
StatsAggregatorSetSummaryWriter Set a summary_writer_interface to record statistics using given stats_aggregator. 
StatsAggregatorSummary Produces a summary of any statistics recorded by the given statistics manager. 
ThreadPoolDataset Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
ThreadPoolHandle Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
ThreadPoolHandle.Options Optional attributes for ThreadPoolHandle  
UnbatchDataset A dataset that splits the elements of its input into multiple elements. 
UncompressElement Uncompresses a compressed dataset element. 
UniqueDataset Creates a dataset that contains the unique elements of `input_dataset`.