AnonymousIterator A container for an iterator resource. 
AnonymousMultiDeviceIterator A container for a multi device iterator resource. 
AssertNextDataset A transformation that asserts which transformations happen next. 
AutoShardDataset Creates a dataset that shards the input dataset. 
AutoShardDataset.Options Optional attributes for AutoShardDataset  
BatchDataset Creates a dataset that batches `batch_size` elements from `input_dataset`. 
BatchDataset.Options Optional attributes for BatchDataset  
BytesProducedStatsDataset Records the bytes size of each element of `input_dataset` in a StatsAggregator. 
CacheDataset Creates a dataset that caches elements from `input_dataset`. 
ConcatenateDataset Creates a dataset that concatenates `input_dataset` with `another_dataset`. 
DatasetCardinality Returns the cardinality of `input_dataset`. 
DatasetFromGraph Creates a dataset from the given `graph_def`. 
DatasetToGraph Returns a serialized GraphDef representing `input_dataset`. 
DatasetToGraph.Options Optional attributes for DatasetToGraph  
DatasetToSingleElement Outputs the single element from the given dataset. 
DatasetToTfRecord Writes the given dataset to the given file using the TFRecord format. 
DeleteIterator A container for an iterator resource. 
DeleteMultiDeviceIterator A container for an iterator resource. 
DenseToSparseBatchDataset Creates a dataset that batches input elements into a SparseTensor. 
DeserializeIterator Converts the given variant tensor to an iterator and stores it in the given resource. 
DirectedInterleaveDataset A substitute for `InterleaveDataset` on a fixed list of `N` datasets. 
FilterByLastComponentDataset Creates a dataset containing elements of first component of `input_dataset` having true in the last component. 
IgnoreErrorsDataset Creates a dataset that contains the elements of `input_dataset` ignoring errors. 
IgnoreErrorsDataset.Options Optional attributes for IgnoreErrorsDataset  
IteratorFromStringHandle.Options Optional attributes for IteratorFromStringHandle  
IteratorGetDevice Returns the name of the device on which `resource` has been placed. 
IteratorGetNext Gets the next output from the given iterator . 
IteratorGetNextAsOptional Gets the next output from the given iterator as an Optional variant. 
IteratorGetNextSync Gets the next output from the given iterator. 
IteratorToStringHandle Converts the given `resource_handle` representing an iterator to a string. 
LatencyStatsDataset Records the latency of producing `input_dataset` elements in a StatsAggregator. 
LeakyReluGrad<T extends TNumber> Computes rectified linear gradients for a LeakyRelu operation. 
LeakyReluGrad.Options Optional attributes for LeakyReluGrad  
LMDBDataset Creates a dataset that emits the key-value pairs in one or more LMDB files. 
MakeIterator Makes a new iterator from the given `dataset` and stores it in `iterator`. 
MaxIntraOpParallelismDataset Creates a dataset that overrides the maximum intra-op parallelism. 
ModelDataset Identity transformation that models performance. 
ModelDataset.Options Optional attributes for ModelDataset  
MultiDeviceIterator Creates a MultiDeviceIterator resource. 
MultiDeviceIteratorFromStringHandle Generates a MultiDeviceIterator resource from its provided string handle. 
MultiDeviceIteratorFromStringHandle.Options Optional attributes for MultiDeviceIteratorFromStringHandle  
MultiDeviceIteratorGetNextFromShard Gets next element for the provided shard number. 
MultiDeviceIteratorInit Initializes the multi device iterator with the given dataset. 
MultiDeviceIteratorToStringHandle Produces a string handle for the given MultiDeviceIterator. 
OptimizeDataset Creates a dataset by applying optimizations to `input_dataset`. 
OptimizeDataset.Options Optional attributes for OptimizeDataset  
OptimizeDatasetV2 Creates a dataset by applying related optimizations to `input_dataset`. 
OptimizeDatasetV2.Options Optional attributes for OptimizeDatasetV2  
OptionalFromValue Constructs an Optional variant from a tuple of tensors. 
OptionalGetValue Returns the value stored in an Optional variant or raises an error if none exists. 
OptionalHasValue Returns true if and only if the given Optional variant has a value. 
OptionalNone Creates an Optional variant with no value. 
PaddedBatchDataset Creates a dataset that batches and pads `batch_size` elements from the input. 
PaddedBatchDataset.Options Optional attributes for PaddedBatchDataset  
PrefetchDataset Creates a dataset that asynchronously prefetches elements from `input_dataset`. 
PrefetchDataset.Options Optional attributes for PrefetchDataset  
PrivateThreadPoolDataset Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
RandomDataset Creates a Dataset that returns pseudorandom numbers. 
RangeDataset Creates a dataset with a range of values. 
RebatchDataset Creates a dataset that changes the batch size. 
RebatchDataset.Options Optional attributes for RebatchDataset  
RebatchDatasetV2 Creates a dataset that changes the batch size. 
RegisterDataset Registers a dataset with the service. 
RepeatDataset Creates a dataset that emits the outputs of `input_dataset` `count` times. 
SamplingDataset Creates a dataset that takes a Bernoulli sample of the contents of another dataset. 
SerializeIterator Converts the given `resource_handle` representing an iterator to a variant tensor. 
SerializeIterator.Options Optional attributes for SerializeIterator  
ShardDataset Creates a `Dataset` that includes only 1/`num_shards` of this dataset. 
ShardDataset.Options Optional attributes for ShardDataset  
ShuffleAndRepeatDataset.Options Optional attributes for ShuffleAndRepeatDataset  
ShuffleDataset.Options Optional attributes for ShuffleDataset  
SkipDataset Creates a dataset that skips `count` elements from the `input_dataset`. 
SlidingWindowDataset Creates a dataset that passes a sliding window over `input_dataset`. 
SparseTensorSliceDataset Creates a dataset that splits a SparseTensor into elements row-wise. 
SqlDataset Creates a dataset that executes a SQL query and emits rows of the result set. 
StatsAggregatorHandle Creates a statistics manager resource. 
StatsAggregatorHandle.Options Optional attributes for StatsAggregatorHandle  
TakeDataset Creates a dataset that contains `count` elements from the `input_dataset`. 
TensorDataset Creates a dataset that emits `components` as a tuple of tensors once. 
TensorSliceDataset Creates a dataset that emits each dim-0 slice of `components` once. 
TextLineDataset Creates a dataset that emits the lines of one or more text files. 
TfRecordDataset Creates a dataset that emits the records from one or more TFRecord files. 
ThreadPoolDataset Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
ThreadPoolHandle Creates a dataset that uses a custom thread pool to compute `input_dataset`. 
ThreadPoolHandle.Options Optional attributes for ThreadPoolHandle  
UnbatchDataset A dataset that splits the elements of its input into multiple elements. 
UniqueDataset Creates a dataset that contains the unique elements of `input_dataset`. 
WindowDataset Combines (nests of) input elements into a dataset of (nests of) windows. 
ZipDataset Creates a dataset that zips together `input_datasets`.