CSRSparseMatrixComponents <T extends TType > Reads out the CSR components at batch `index`.
CSRSparseMatrixToDense <T extends TType > Convert a (possibly batched) CSRSparseMatrix to dense.
CSRSparseMatrixToSparseTensor <T extends TType > Converts a (possibly batched) CSRSparesMatrix to a SparseTensor.
DenseToCSRSparseMatrix Converts a dense tensor to a (possibly batched) CSRSparseMatrix.
SparseMatrixAdd Sparse addition of two CSR matrices, C = alpha * A + beta * B.
SparseMatrixMatMul <T extends TType > Matrix-multiplies a sparse matrix with a dense matrix.
SparseMatrixMatMul.Options Optional attributes for SparseMatrixMatMul
SparseMatrixMul Element-wise multiplication of a sparse matrix with a dense tensor.
SparseMatrixNNZ Returns the number of nonzeroes of `sparse_matrix`.
SparseMatrixOrderingAMD Computes the Approximate Minimum Degree (AMD) ordering of `input`.
SparseMatrixSoftmax Calculates the softmax of a CSRSparseMatrix.
SparseMatrixSoftmaxGrad Calculates the gradient of the SparseMatrixSoftmax op.
SparseMatrixSparseCholesky Computes the sparse Cholesky decomposition of `input`.
SparseMatrixSparseMatMul Sparse-matrix-multiplies two CSR matrices `a` and `b`.
SparseMatrixSparseMatMul.Options Optional attributes for SparseMatrixSparseMatMul
SparseMatrixTranspose Transposes the inner (matrix) dimensions of a CSRSparseMatrix.
SparseMatrixTranspose.Options Optional attributes for SparseMatrixTranspose
SparseMatrixZeros Creates an all-zeros CSRSparseMatrix with shape `dense_shape`.
SparseTensorToCSRSparseMatrix Converts a SparseTensor to a (possibly batched) CSRSparseMatrix.