• Description:

Demographic data from Kalahari !Kung San people collected by Nancy Howell

Howell’s observations of the !Kung San were made by Howell in Botswana between August 1967 and May 1969. Fuller descriptions of the region and the people under study can be found in R. B. Lee and I. DeVore (eds), 1976, Kalahari Hunter-Gatherers: Studies of the !Kung San and Their Neighbors, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. And in N. Howell, 2000, Demography of the Dobe !Kung, Aldine de Gruyter, New York.

Only columns on height, weight, age, and sex were kept. Rows with any null values were dropped.

Number of instances: 544


  1. height in cm (float)
  2. weight in kg (float)
  3. age in years (int)
  4. male indicator (int)
Split Examples
'train' 544
  • Feature structure:
    'age': float32,
    'height': float32,
    'male': int32,
    'weight': float32,
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
age Tensor float32
height Tensor float32
male Tensor int32
weight Tensor float32
  • Citation:
    author = "Howell, Nancy",
    title  = "Dobe !Kung Census of All Population.",
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