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This dataset consists of 4502 images of healthy and unhealthy plant leaves divided into 22 categories by species and state of health. The images are in high resolution JPG format.

There are no files with label prefix 0000, therefore label encoding is shifted by one (e.g. file with label prefix 0001 gets encoded label 0).

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Split Examples
'train' 4,502
  • Features:
    'image': Image(shape=(None, None, 3), dtype=tf.uint8),
    'image/filename': Text(shape=(), dtype=tf.string),
    'label': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=tf.int64, num_classes=22),


  • Citation:
  author={Siddharth Singh Chouhan, Ajay Kaul, Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev
  title={A Database of Leaf Images: Practice towards Plant Conservation with
Plant Pathology},
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