Use the following command to load this dataset in TFDS:

ds = tfds.load('huggingface:rotten_tomatoes')
  • Description:
Movie Review Dataset.
This is a dataset of containing 5,331 positive and 5,331 negative processed
sentences from Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews. This data was first used in Bo
Pang and Lillian Lee, ``Seeing stars: Exploiting class relationships for
sentiment categorization with respect to rating scales.'', Proceedings of the
ACL, 2005.
  • License: No known license
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Splits:
Split Examples
'test' 1066
'train' 8530
'validation' 1066
  • Features:
    "text": {
        "dtype": "string",
        "id": null,
        "_type": "Value"
    "label": {
        "num_classes": 2,
        "names": [
        "names_file": null,
        "id": null,
        "_type": "ClassLabel"