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  • Описание :

Этот корпус содержит предварительно обработанные сообщения из набора данных Reddit. Набор данных состоит из 3 848 330 сообщений со средней длиной 270 слов для содержания и 28 слов для резюме.

Возможности включают строки: автор, тело, normalizedBody, контент, сводка, subreddit, subreddit_id. Контент используется как документ, а сводка - как сводка.

Трещина Примеры
'train' 3 848 330
  • Особенности :
    'author': tf.string,
    'body': tf.string,
    'content': tf.string,
    'id': tf.string,
    'normalizedBody': tf.string,
    'subreddit': tf.string,
    'subreddit_id': tf.string,
    'summary': tf.string,
  • Контролируемые ключи (см. as_supervised ): ('content', 'summary')

  • Цитата :

    title = "{TL};{DR}: Mining {R}eddit to Learn Automatic Summarization",
    author = {V{"o}lske, Michael  and
      Potthast, Martin  and
      Syed, Shahbaz  and
      Stein, Benno},
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the Workshop on New Frontiers in Summarization",
    month = sep,
    year = "2017",
    address = "Copenhagen, Denmark",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "",
    doi = "10.18653/v1/W17-4508",
    pages = "59--63",
    abstract = "Recent advances in automatic text summarization have used deep neural networks to generate high-quality abstractive summaries, but the performance of these models strongly depends on large amounts of suitable training data. We propose a new method for mining social media for author-provided summaries, taking advantage of the common practice of appending a {``}TL;DR{''} to long posts. A case study using a large Reddit crawl yields the Webis-TLDR-17 dataset, complementing existing corpora primarily from the news genre. Our technique is likely applicable to other social media sites and general web crawls.",