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This enumeration represents optional conversion options.

These conversion options are experimental. They are subject to change without notice and offer no guarantees.

Example Usage

optionals= tf.autograph.experimental.Feature.EQUALITY_OPERATORS
def f(i):
  if i == 0:  # EQUALITY_OPERATORS allows the use of == here.
    tf.print('i is zero')

ALL Enable all features.
AUTO_CONTROL_DEPS Insert of control dependencies in the generated code.
ASSERT_STATEMENTS Convert Tensor-dependent assert statements to tf.Assert.
BUILTIN_FUNCTIONS Convert builtin functions applied to Tensors to their TF counterparts.
EQUALITY_OPERATORS Whether to convert the comparison operators, like equality. This is soon to be deprecated as support is being added to the Tensor class.
LISTS Convert list idioms, like initializers, slices, append, etc.
NAME_SCOPES Insert name scopes that name ops according to context, like the function they were defined in.

Class Variables

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