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Adds a 2D average pooling op.

It is assumed that the pooling is done per image but not in batch or channels.

inputs A 4-D tensor of shape [batch_size, height, width, channels] if data_format is NHWC, and [batch_size, channels, height, width] if data_format is NCHW.
kernel_size A list of length 2: [kernel_height, kernel_width] of the pooling kernel over which the op is computed. Can be an int if both values are the same.
stride A list of length 2: [stride_height, stride_width]. Can be an int if both strides are the same. Note that presently both strides must have the same value.
padding The padding method, either 'VALID' or 'SAME'.
data_format A string. NHWC (default) and NCHW are supported.
outputs_collections The collections to which the outputs are added.
scope Optional scope for name_scope.

A Tensor representing the results of the pooling operation.

ValueError If data_format is neither NHWC nor NCHW.