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Returns the appropriate graph to use for the given inputs.

  1. If graph is provided, we validate that all inputs in op_input_list are from the same graph.
  2. Otherwise, we attempt to select a graph from the first Operation- or Tensor-valued input in op_input_list, and validate that all other such inputs are in the same graph.
  3. If the graph was not specified and it could not be inferred from op_input_list, we attempt to use the default graph.

op_input_list A list of inputs to an operation, which may include Tensor, Operation, and other objects that may be converted to a graph element.
graph (Optional) The explicit graph to use.

TypeError If op_input_list is not a list or tuple, or if graph is not a Graph.
ValueError If a graph is explicitly passed and not all inputs are from it, or if the inputs are from multiple graphs, or we could not find a graph and there was no default graph.

The appropriate graph to use for the given inputs.