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Create an ExportStrategy for use with Experiment. (deprecated)

serving_input_fn A function that takes no arguments and returns an InputFnOps.
default_output_alternative_key the name of the head to serve when an incoming serving request does not explicitly request a specific head. Must be None if the estimator inherits from tf.estimator.Estimator or for single-headed models.
assets_extra A dict specifying how to populate the assets.extra directory within the exported SavedModel. Each key should give the destination path (including the filename) relative to the assets.extra directory. The corresponding value gives the full path of the source file to be copied. For example, the simple case of copying a single file without renaming it is specified as {'my_asset_file.txt': '/path/to/my_asset_file.txt'}.
as_text whether to write the SavedModel proto in text format.
exports_to_keep Number of exports to keep. Older exports will be garbage-collected. Defaults to 5. Set to None to disable garbage collection.
strip_default_attrs Boolean. If True, default attrs in the GraphDef will be stripped on write. This is recommended for better forward compatibility of the resulting SavedModel.

An ExportStrategy that can be passed to the Experiment constructor.