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Builds a logistic regression Estimator for binary classification.

THIS CLASS IS DEPRECATED. See contrib/learn/ for general migration instructions.

This method provides a basic Estimator with some additional metrics for custom binary classification models, including AUC, precision/recall and accuracy.


  # See tf.contrib.learn.Estimator(...) for details on model_fn structure
  def my_model_fn(...):

  estimator = LogisticRegressor(model_fn=my_model_fn)

  # Input builders
  def input_fn_train:

model_fn Model function with the signature: (features, labels, mode) -> (predictions, loss, train_op). Expects the returned predictions to be probabilities in [0.0, 1.0].
thresholds List of floating point thresholds to use for accuracy, precision, and recall metrics. If None, defaults to [0.5].
model_dir Directory to save model parameters, graphs, etc. This can also be used to load checkpoints from the directory into a estimator to continue training a previously saved model.
config A RunConfig configuration object.
feature_engineering_fn Feature engineering function. Takes features and labels which are the output of input_fn and returns features and labels which will be fed into the model.

An Estimator instance.