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SaveableObject implementation handling Cudnn LSTM opaque params.

Inherits From: CudnnLSTMSaveable

opaque_params a variable, Cudnn RNN opaque params.
num_layers the number of layers for the RNN model.
num_units the number of units within the RNN model.
input_size the size of the input, it could be different from the num_units.
input_mode indicate whether there is a linear projection between the input and the actual computation before the first layer. It could be 'linear_input', 'skip_input' or 'auto_select'. 'linear_input' (default) always applies a linear projection of input onto RNN hidden state. (standard RNN behavior). 'skip_input' is only allowed when input_size == num_units; 'auto_select' implies 'skip_input' when input_size == num_units; otherwise, it implies 'linear_input'.
direction the direction model that the model operates. Could be either 'unidirectional' or 'bidirectional'
scope string of VariableScope, the scope of equivalent subgraph consisting only platform-independent tf RNN cells.
name the name of the CudnnOpaqueParamsSaveable object.

device The device for SaveSpec Tensors.

optional_restore A hint to restore assertions that this object is optional.



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Restores this object from 'restored_tensors'.

restored_tensors the tensors that were loaded from a checkpoint
restored_shapes the shapes this object should conform to after restore, or None.

An operation that restores the state of the object.

ValueError If the object cannot be restored using the provided parameters.