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BigtableClient is the entrypoint for interacting with Cloud Bigtable in TF.

BigtableClient encapsulates a connection to Cloud Bigtable, and exposes the table method to open a Bigtable table.

project_id A string representing the GCP project id to connect to.
instance_id A string representing the Bigtable instance to connect to.
connection_pool_size (Optional.) A number representing the number of concurrent connections to the Cloud Bigtable service to make.
max_receive_message_size (Optional.) The maximum bytes received in a single gRPC response.

ValueError if the arguments are invalid (e.g. wrong type, or out of expected ranges (e.g. negative).)



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Opens a table and returns a tf.contrib.bigtable.BigtableTable object.

name A tf.string tf.Tensor name of the table to open.
snapshot Either a tf.string tf.Tensor snapshot id, or True to request the creation of a snapshot. (Note: currently unimplemented.)

A tf.contrib.bigtable.BigtableTable Python object representing the operations available on the table.