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Adds the parameters for a fully connected layer and returns the output.

A fully connected layer is generally defined as a matrix multiply: y = f(w * x + b) where f is given by activation_fn. If activation_fn is None, the result of y = w * x + b is returned.

If x has shape [\(\text{dim}_0, \text{dim}_1, ..., \text{dim}_n\)] with more than 2 dimensions (\(n > 1\)), then we repeat the matrix multiply along the first dimensions. The result r is a tensor of shape [\(\text{dim}_0, ..., \text{dim}_{n-1},\) num_output_units], where \( r_{i_0, ..., i_{n-1}, k} = \sum_{0 \leq j < \text{dim}_n} x_{i_0, ... i_{n-1}, j} \cdot w_{j, k}\). This is accomplished by reshaping x to 2-D [\(\text{dim}_0 \cdot ... \cdot \text{dim}_{n-1}, \text{dim}_n\)] before the matrix multiply and afterwards reshaping it to [\(\text{dim}_0, ..., \text{dim}_{n-1},\) num_output_units].

This op creates w and optionally b. Bias (b) can be disabled by setting bias_init to None.

The variable creation is compatible with tf.compat.v1.variable_scope and so can be reused with tf.compat.v1.variable_scope or tf.compat.v1.make_template.

Most of the details of variable creation can be controlled by specifying the initializers (weight_init and bias_init) and in which collections to place the created variables (weight_collections and bias_collections; note that the variables are always added to the VARIABLES collection). The output of the layer can be placed in custom collections using output_collections. The collections arguments default to WEIGHTS, BIASES and ACTIVATIONS, respectively.

A per layer regularization can be specified by setting weight_regularizer and bias_regularizer, which are applied to the weights and biases respectively, and whose output is added to the REGULARIZATION_LOSSES collection.

x The input Tensor.
num_output_units The size of the output.
activation_fn Activation function, default set to None to skip it and maintain a linear activation.
weight_init An optional weight initialization, defaults to xavier_initializer.
bias_init An initializer for the bias, defaults to 0. Set to None in order to disable bias.
name The name for this operation is used to name operations and to find variables. If specified it must be unique for this scope, otherwise a unique name starting with "fully_connected" will be created. See tf.compat.v1.variable_scope for details.
weight_collections List of graph collections to which weights are added.
bias_collections List of graph collections to which biases are added.
output_collections List of graph collections to which outputs are added.
trainable If True also add variables to the graph collection GraphKeys.TRAINABLE_VARIABLES (see tf.Variable).
weight_regularizer A regularizer like the result of l1_regularizer or l2_regularizer. Used for weights.
bias_regularizer A regularizer like the result of l1_regularizer or l2_regularizer. Used for biases.

The output of the fully connected layer.

ValueError If x has rank less than 2 or if its last dimension is not set.