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A tf.compat.v1.train.Saver adapter for use when eager execution is enabled.

Saver's name-based checkpointing strategy is fragile. Please switch to tf.train.Checkpoint or tf.keras.Model.save_weights, which perform a more robust object-based saving. These APIs will load checkpoints written by Saver.

var_list The list of variables that will be saved and restored. Either a list of tf.Variable objects, or a dictionary mapping names to tf.Variable objects.

RuntimeError if invoked when eager execution has not been enabled.



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Restores previously saved variables.

file_prefix Path prefix where parameters were previously saved. Typically obtained from a previous save() call, or from tf.train.latest_checkpoint.


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Saves variables.

file_prefix Path prefix of files created for the checkpoint.
global_step If provided the global step number is appended to file_prefix to create the checkpoint filename. The optional argument can be a Tensor, a Variable, or an integer.

A string: prefix of filenames created for the checkpoint. This may be an extension of file_prefix that is suitable to pass as an argument to a subsequent call to restore().