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Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with images. (deprecated)

For an explanation of why this op was deprecated, and information on how to migrate, look 'here'

The summary has up to max_images summary values containing images. The images are built from tensor which must be 4-D with shape [batch_size, height, width, channels] and where channels can be:

  • 1: tensor is interpreted as Grayscale.
  • 3: tensor is interpreted as RGB.
  • 4: tensor is interpreted as RGBA.

The images have the same number of channels as the input tensor. For float input, the values are normalized one image at a time to fit in the range [0, 255]. uint8 values are unchanged. The op uses two different normalization algorithms:

  • If the input values are all positive, they are rescaled so the largest one is 255.

  • If any input value is negative, the values are shifted so input value 0.0 is at 127. They are then rescaled so that either the smallest value is 0, or the largest one is 255.

The tag argument is a scalar Tensor of type string. It is used to build the tag of the summary values:

  • If max_images is 1, the summary value tag is 'tag/image'.
  • If max_images is greater than 1, the summary value tags are generated sequentially as 'tag/image/0', 'tag/image/1', etc.

tag A scalar Tensor of type string. Used to build the tag of the summary values.
tensor A 4-D uint8 or float32 Tensor of shape [batch_size, height, width, channels] where channels is 1, 3, or 4.
max_images Max number of batch elements to generate images for.
collections Optional list of ops.GraphKeys. The collections to add the summary to. Defaults to [ops.GraphKeys.SUMMARIES]
name A name for the operation (optional).

A scalar Tensor of type string. The serialized Summary protocol buffer.