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A tf.contrib.layers style input layer builder based on FeatureColumns.

Generally a single example in training data is described with feature columns. At the first layer of the model, this column oriented data should be converted to a single tensor. Each feature column needs a different kind of operation during this conversion. For example sparse features need a totally different handling than continuous features.


  # Building model for training
  columns_to_tensor =
  first_layer = input_from_feature_columns(
  second_layer = fully_connected(inputs=first_layer, ...)

where feature_columns can be defined as follows:

  sparse_feature = sparse_column_with_hash_bucket(
      column_name="sparse_col", ...)
  sparse_feature_emb = embedding_column(sparse_id_column=sparse_feature, ...)
  real_valued_feature = real_valued_column(...)
  real_valued_buckets = bucketized_column(
      source_column=real_valued_feature, ...)

  feature_columns=[sparse_feature_emb, real_valued_buckets]

columns_to_tensors A mapping from feature column to tensors. 'string' key means a base feature (not-transformed). It can have FeatureColumn as a key too. That means that FeatureColumn is already transformed by input pipeline.
feature_columns A set containing all the feature columns. All items in the set should be instances of classes derived by FeatureColumn.
weight_collections List of graph collections to which weights are added.
trainable If True also add variables to the graph collection GraphKeys.TRAINABLE_VARIABLES (see tf.Variable).
scope Optional scope for variable_scope.
cols_to_outs Optional dict from feature column to output tensor, which is concatenated into the returned tensor.

A Tensor which can be consumed by hidden layers in the neural network.

ValueError if FeatureColumn cannot be consumed by a neural network.