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Do a backward graph walk and return all the visited ops. (deprecated)

seed_ops an iterable of operations from which the backward graph walk starts. If a list of tensors is given instead, the seed_ops are set to be the generators of those tensors.
inclusive if True the given seed_ops are also part of the resulting set.
within_ops an iterable of tf.Operation within which the search is restricted. If within_ops is None, the search is performed within the whole graph.
within_ops_fn if provided, a function on ops that should return True iff the op is within the graph traversal. This can be used along within_ops, in which case an op is within if it is also in within_ops.
stop_at_ts an iterable of tensors at which the graph walk stops.
control_inputs if True, control inputs will be used while moving backward.

A Python set of all the tf.Operation behind seed_ops.

TypeError if seed_ops or within_ops cannot be converted to a list of tf.Operation.