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Find bipartite matching based on a given distance matrix.

A greedy bi-partite matching algorithm is used to obtain the matching with the (greedy) minimum distance.

distance_mat A 2-D float tensor of shape [num_rows, num_columns]. It is a pair-wise distance matrix between the entities represented by each row and each column. It is an asymmetric matrix. The smaller the distance is, the more similar the pairs are. The bipartite matching is to minimize the distances.
num_valid_rows A scalar or a 1-D tensor with one element describing the number of valid rows of distance_mat to consider for the bipartite matching. If set to be negative, then all rows from distance_mat are used.
top_k A scalar that specifies the number of top-k matches to retrieve. If set to be negative, then is set according to the maximum number of matches from distance_mat.
name The name of the op.

row_to_col_match_indices A vector of length num_rows, which is the number of rows of the input distance_matrix. If row_to_col_match_indices[i] is not -1, row i is matched to column row_to_col_match_indices[i].
col_to_row_match_indices A vector of length num_columns, which is the number of columns of the input distance matrix. If col_to_row_match_indices[j] is not -1, column j is matched to row col_to_row_match_indices[j].