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Writes a generic summary to the default SummaryWriter if one exists.

This exists primarily to support the definition of type-specific summary ops like scalar() and image(), and is not intended for direct use unless defining a new type-specific summary op.

tag string tag used to identify the summary (e.g. in TensorBoard), usually generated with tf.summary.summary_scope
tensor the Tensor holding the summary data to write
step Explicit int64-castable monotonic step value for this summary. If omitted, this defaults to tf.summary.experimental.get_step(), which must not be None.
metadata Optional SummaryMetadata, as a proto or serialized bytes
name Optional string name for this op.

True on success, or false if no summary was written because no default summary writer was available.

ValueError if a default writer exists, but no step was provided and tf.summary.experimental.get_step() is None.