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Represents a linear sequence of Layers or functions.

Inherits From: Network

The output of each layer/function is provided as the input to the next. The inputs passed to __call__ are passed to the inputs of the first Layer, and it returns the outputs of the last Layer.

layers_funcs An optional sequence where each element is either a tf.compat.v1.layers.Layer object or a callable.
name An optional string name to use for this Network.

name The name to use for this Network. If specified, it must be unique in the context where this Network is first (1) added to another Network (in which case it must not share a name with other Layers added to that Network), or (2) built/called (in which case no other 'top-level' Networks may share this name). If unspecified or None, the Network will be named using its class name, with a number appended if necessary for uniqueness (e.g. MyNetwork -> 'my_network_1').

ValueError If name is not valid. Note that some naming errors will instead be raised when the Network is called.






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Get a contained tf.compat.v1.layers.Layer either by name or index.

name String matching one of the names of a contained Layer. Note that the names of Layers added to Networks may not be unique when doing layer sharing (i.e. adding a Layer to this Network which was already added to another Network). The lowest index Layer with a matching name will be returned.
index Integer in [0, number of layers). Layers are assigned an index by the order they are added.

A tf.compat.v1.layers.Layer object.

ValueError If neither or both of 'index' or 'name' is specified, or the lookup failed.


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Track a Layer in this Network.

Network requires that all Layers used in call() be tracked so that the Network can export a complete list of variables.

layer A tf.compat.v1.layers.Layer object.

The passed in layer.

RuntimeError If init has not been called.
TypeError If layer is the wrong type.
ValueError If a Layer with the same name has already been added.