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BeamSearch sampling decoder.

Inherits From: Decoder

  • The encoder output has been tiled to beam_width via tf.contrib.seq2seq.tile_batch (NOT tf.tile).
  • The batch_size argument passed to the zero_state method of this wrapper is equal to true_batch_size * beam_width.
  • The initial state created with zero_state above contains a cell_state value containing properly tiled final state from the encoder.

An example:

tiled_encoder_outputs = tf.contrib.seq2seq.tile_batch(
    encoder_outputs, multiplier=beam_width)
tiled_encoder_final_state = tf.contrib.seq2seq.tile_batch(
    encoder_final_state, multiplier=beam_width)
tiled_sequence_length = tf.contrib.seq2seq.tile_batch(
    sequence_length, multiplier=beam_width)
attention_mechanism = MyFavoriteAttentionMechanism(
attention_cell = AttentionWrapper(cell, attention_mechanism, ...)
decoder_initial_state = attention_cell.zero_state(
    dtype, batch_size=true_batch_size * beam_width)
decoder_initial_state = decoder_initial_state.clone(

Meanwhile, with AttentionWrapper, coverage penalty is suggested to use when computing scores ( It encourages the decoder to cover all inputs.

cell An RNNCell instance.
embedding A callable that takes a vector tensor of ids (argmax ids), or the params argument for embedding_lookup.
start_tokens int32 vector shaped [batch_size], the start tokens.
end_token int32 scalar, the token that marks end of decoding.
initial_state A (possibly nested tuple of...) tensors and TensorArrays.
beam_width Python integer, the number of beams.
output_layer (Optional) An instance of tf.keras.layers.Layer, i.e., tf.keras.layers.Dense. Optional layer to apply to the RNN output prior to storing the result or sampling.
length_penalty_weight Float weight to penalize length. Disabled with 0.0.
coverage_penalty_weight Float weight to penalize the coverage of source sentence. Disabled with 0.0.
reorder_tensor_arrays If True, TensorArrays' elements within the cell state will be reordered according to the beam search path. If the TensorArray can be reordered, the stacked form will be returned. Otherwise, the TensorArray will be returned as is. Set this flag to False if the cell state contains TensorArrays that are not amenable to reordering.

TypeError if cell is not an instance of RNNCell, or output_layer is not an instance of tf.keras.layers.Layer.
ValueError If start_tokens is not a vector or end_token is not a scalar.


output_dtype A (possibly nested tuple of...) dtype[s].

tracks_own_finished The BeamSearchDecoder shuffles its beams and their finished state.

For this reason, it conflicts with the dynamic_decode function's tracking of finished states. Setting this property to true avoids early stopping of decoding due to mismanagement of the finished state in dynamic_decode.



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Finalize and return the predicted_ids.

outputs An instance of BeamSearchDecoderOutput.
final_state An instance of BeamSearchDecoderState. Passed through to the output.
sequence_lengths An int64 tensor shaped [batch_size, beam_width]. The sequence lengths determined for each beam during decode. NOTE These are ignored; the updated sequence lengths are stored in final_state.lengths.

outputs An instance of FinalBeamSearchDecoderOutput where the predicted_ids are the result of calling _gather_tree.
final_state The same input instance of BeamSearchDecoderState.


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Initialize the decoder.

name Name scope for any created operations.

(finished, start_inputs, initial_state).


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Perform a decoding step.

time scalar int32 tensor.
inputs A (structure of) input tensors.
state A (structure of) state tensors and TensorArrays.
name Name scope for any created operations.

(outputs, next_state, next_inputs, finished).