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Decorator for marking specific function arguments as deprecated.

This decorator logs a deprecation warning whenever the decorated function is called with the deprecated argument. It has the following format:

Calling (from ) with is deprecated and will be removed after . Instructions for updating:

If date is None, 'after ' is replaced with 'in a future version'. includes the class name if it is a method.

It also edits the docstring of the function: ' (deprecated arguments)' is appended to the first line of the docstring and a deprecation notice is prepended to the rest of the docstring.

date String or None. The date the function is scheduled to be removed. Must be ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD), or None.
instructions String. Instructions on how to update code using the deprecated function.
*deprecated_arg_names_or_tuples String or 2-Tuple(String, [ok_vals]). The string is the deprecated argument name. Optionally, an ok-value may be provided. If the user provided argument equals this value, the warning is suppressed.
**kwargs If warn_once=False is passed, every call with a deprecated argument will log a warning. The default behavior is to only warn the first time the function is called with any given deprecated argument. All other kwargs raise ValueError.

Decorated function or method.

ValueError If date is not None or in ISO 8601 format, instructions are empty, the deprecated arguments are not present in the function signature, the second element of a deprecated_tuple is not a list, or if a kwarg other than warn_once is passed.