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Module: tf.summary

TensorFlow 2 version

Operations for writing summary data, for use in analysis and visualization.

See the Summaries and TensorBoard guide.


class Event: A ProtocolMessage

class FileWriter: Writes Summary protocol buffers to event files.

class FileWriterCache: Cache for file writers.

class SessionLog: A ProtocolMessage

class Summary: A ProtocolMessage

class SummaryDescription: A ProtocolMessage

class TaggedRunMetadata: A ProtocolMessage


all_v2_summary_ops(...): Returns all V2-style summary ops defined in the current default graph.

audio(...): Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with audio.

get_summary_description(...): Given a TensorSummary node_def, retrieve its SummaryDescription.

histogram(...): Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with a histogram.

image(...): Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with images.

initialize(...): Initializes summary writing for graph execution mode.

merge(...): Merges summaries.

merge_all(...): Merges all summaries collected in the default graph.

scalar(...): Outputs a Summary protocol buffer containing a single scalar value.

tensor_summary(...): Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with a serialized tensor.proto.

text(...): Summarizes textual data.