Module: tfp

Tools for probabilistic reasoning in TensorFlow.


bijectors module: Bijector Ops.

distributions module: Statistical distributions and bijective transformations.

edward2 module: Edward2 probabilistic programming language.

glm module: TensorFlow Probability GLM python package.

layers module: Probabilistic Layers.

math module: TensorFlow Probability math functions.

mcmc module: TensorFlow Probability MCMC python package.

monte_carlo module: Support for Monte Carlo expectations.

optimizer module: TensorFlow Probability Optimizer python package.

positive_semidefinite_kernels module: Positive-semidefinite kernels package.

stats module: Statistical functions.

sts module: Framework for Bayesian structural time series models.

trainable_distributions module: Support for trainable distributions.

util module: TensorFlow Probability python utilities.

vi module: Methods and objectives for variational inference.

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