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Constructs a function that broadcasts inputs over named axes.

Given a function fn, make_psum_function returns a new one that includes psums over terms according to axis names provided in out_axes. It also adds psums for the vector-Jacobian product of the outputs of fn w.r.t. its inputs according to in_axes if there are axes in the outputs that are not present in an input.

fn a callable to be transformed to have psums at its outputs and on the gradients to its inputs.
in_axes A structure of axis names that should match the structure of the input to fn. If the set of input axes for an input value does not match the output axes of a particular output value, the gradient of that output value w.r.t. the input value will be psum-ed over the axes present in the output but not the input.
out_axes A structure of axis names that should match the structure of the output of fn. The outputs of fn will be psum-med according to their respective output axes.
out_dtype A structure of dtypes that matches the output of fn.

A new function that applies psums on to the output of the original function and corrects the gradient with respect to its inputs.