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Module: tfp.stats

Statistical functions.

Defined in python/stats/


auto_correlation(...): Auto correlation along one axis.

count_integers(...): Counts the number of occurrences of each value in an integer array arr.

cholesky_covariance(...): Cholesky factor of the covariance matrix of vector-variate random samples.

correlation(...): Sample correlation (Pearson) between observations indexed by event_axis.

covariance(...): Sample covariance between observations indexed by event_axis.

find_bins(...): Bin values into discrete intervals.

histogram(...): Count how often x falls in intervals defined by edges.

percentile(...): Compute the q-th percentile(s) of x.

quantiles(...): Compute quantiles of x along axis.

stddev(...): Estimate standard deviation using samples.

variance(...): Estimate variance using samples.