Module: tfp.optimizer

TensorFlow Probability Optimizer python package.


linesearch module: Line-search optimizers package.


class StochasticGradientLangevinDynamics: An optimizer module for stochastic gradient Langevin dynamics.

class VariationalSGD: An optimizer module for constant stochastic gradient descent.


bfgs_minimize(...): Applies the BFGS algorithm to minimize a differentiable function.

differential_evolution_minimize(...): Applies the Differential evolution algorithm to minimize a function.

differential_evolution_one_step(...): Performs one step of the differential evolution algorithm.

lbfgs_minimize(...): Applies the L-BFGS algorithm to minimize a differentiable function.

nelder_mead_minimize(...): Minimum of the objective function using the Nelder Mead simplex algorithm.

nelder_mead_one_step(...): A single iteration of the Nelder Mead algorithm.