Create prior for Variational layers with kernel and bias.

scale    = (2. * l2weight)**-0.5
l2weight = scale**-2. / 2.

have a similar regularizing effect.

The std. deviation of each of the component distributions returned by this function is approximately 1415 (or approximately l2weight = 25e-6). In other words this prior is extremely "weak".

kernel_shape ...
bias_shape ...
kernel_initializer Ignored. Default value: None (i.e., tf.initializers.glorot_uniform()).
bias_initializer Ignored. Default value: None (i.e., tf.initializers.zeros()).
kernel_batch_ndims ... Default value: 0.
bias_batch_ndims ... Default value: 0.
dtype ... Default value: tf.float32.
kernel_name ... Default value: "prior_kernel".
bias_name ... Default value: "prior_bias".

kernel_and_bias_distribution ...