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Soft Thresholding operator.

    x, threshold, name=None

This operator is defined by the equations

                              { x[i] - gamma,  x[i] >   gamma
SoftThreshold(x, gamma)[i] =  { 0,             x[i] ==  gamma
                              { x[i] + gamma,  x[i] <  -gamma

In the context of proximal gradient methods, we have

SoftThreshold(x, gamma) = prox_{gamma L1}(x)

where prox is the proximity operator. Thus the soft thresholding operator is used in proximal gradient descent for optimizing a smooth function with (non-smooth) L1 regularization, as outlined below.

The proximity operator is defined as:

prox_r(x) = argmin{ r(z) + 0.5 ||x - z||_2**2 : z },

where r is a (weakly) convex function, not necessarily differentiable. Because the L2 norm is strictly convex, the above argmin is unique.

One important application of the proximity operator is as follows. Let L be a convex and differentiable function with Lipschitz-continuous gradient. Let R be a convex lower semicontinuous function which is possibly nondifferentiable. Let gamma be an arbitrary positive real. Then

x_star = argmin{ L(x) + R(x) : x }

if and only if the fixed-point equation is satisfied:

x_star = prox_{gamma R}(x_star - gamma grad L(x_star))

Proximal gradient descent thus typically consists of choosing an initial value x^{(0)} and repeatedly applying the update

x^{(k+1)} = prox_{gamma^{(k)} R}(x^{(k)} - gamma^{(k)} grad L(x^{(k)}))

where gamma is allowed to vary from iteration to iteration. Specializing to the case where R(x) = ||x||_1, we minimize L(x) + ||x||_1 by repeatedly applying the update

x^{(k+1)} = SoftThreshold(x - gamma grad L(x^{(k)}), gamma)

(This idea can also be extended to second-order approximations, although the multivariate case does not have a known closed form like above.)


  • x: float Tensor representing the input to the SoftThreshold function.
  • threshold: nonnegative scalar, float Tensor representing the radius of the interval on which each coordinate of SoftThreshold takes the value zero. Denoted gamma above.
  • name: Python string indicating the name of the TensorFlow operation. Default value: 'soft_threshold'.


  • softthreshold: float Tensor with the same shape and dtype as x, representing the value of the SoftThreshold function.


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