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Returns a callable that adds a random uniform perturbation to the input.

    scale=1.0, name=None

For more details on random_walk_uniform_fn, see random_walk_normal_fn. scale might be a Tensor or a list of Tensors that should broadcast with state parts of the current_state. The generated uniform perturbation is sampled as a uniform point on the rectangle [-scale, scale].


  • scale: a Tensor or Python list of Tensors of any shapes and dtypes controlling the upper and lower bound of the uniform proposal distribution.
  • name: Python str name prefixed to Ops created by this function. Default value: 'random_walk_uniform_fn'.


  • random_walk_uniform_fn: A callable accepting a Python list of Tensors representing the state parts of the current_state and an int representing the random seed used to generate the proposal. The callable returns the same-type list of Tensors as the input and represents the proposal for the RWM algorithm.