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Returns (batched) matmul of a SparseTensor (or Tensor) with a Tensor.

    sparse_or_dense_a, dense_b, validate_args=False, name=None, **kwargs


  • sparse_or_dense_a: SparseTensor or Tensor representing a (batch of) matrices.
  • dense_b: Tensor representing a (batch of) matrices, with the same batch shape as sparse_or_dense_a. The shape must be compatible with the shape of sparse_or_dense_a and kwargs.
  • validate_args: When True, additional assertions might be embedded in the graph. Default value: False (i.e., no graph assertions are added).
  • name: Python str prefixed to ops created by this function. Default value: 'sparse_or_dense_matmul'.
  • **kwargs: Keyword arguments to tf.sparse_tensor_dense_matmul or tf.matmul.


  • product: A dense (batch of) matrix-shaped Tensor of the same batch shape and dtype as sparse_or_dense_a and dense_b. If sparse_or_dense_a or dense_b is adjointed through kwargs then the shape is adjusted accordingly.