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Returns global variables.

Migrate to TF2

Not compatible with eager execution and tf.function. In particular, Graph collections are deprecated in TF2. Instead please create a tf.Module container for all your model state, including variables. You can then list all the variables in your tf.Module through the variables attribute.


Used in the notebooks

Used in the guide

Global variables are variables that are shared across machines in a distributed environment. The Variable() constructor or get_variable() automatically adds new variables to the graph collection GraphKeys.GLOBAL_VARIABLES. This convenience function returns the contents of that collection.

An alternative to global variables are local variables. See tf.compat.v1.local_variables

scope (Optional.) A string. If supplied, the resulting list is filtered to include only items whose name attribute matches scope using re.match. Items without a name attribute are never returned if a scope is supplied. The choice of re.match means that a scope without special tokens filters by prefix.

A list of Variable objects.