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Creates a Dataset comprising lines from one or more text files.

Inherits From: Dataset

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The tf.data.TextLineDataset loads text from text files and creates a dataset where each line of the files becomes an element of the dataset.

For example, suppose we have 2 files "text_lines0.txt" and "text_lines1.txt" with the following lines:

with open('/tmp/text_lines0.txt', 'w') as f:
  f.write('the cow\n')
  f.write('jumped over\n')
  f.write('the moon\n')
with open('/tmp/text_lines1.txt', 'w') as f:
  f.write('jack and jill\n')
  f.write('went up\n')
  f.write('the hill\n')

We can construct a TextLineDataset from them as follows:

dataset = tf.data.TextLineDataset(['/tmp/text_lines0.txt',

The elements of the dataset are expected to be:

for element in dataset.as_numpy_iterator():
b'the cow'
b'jumped over'
b'the moon'
b'jack and jill'
b'went up'
b'the hill'

filenames A tf.string tensor or tf.data.Dataset containing one or more filenames.
compression_type (Optional.) A tf.string scalar evaluating to one of "" (no compression), "ZLIB", or "GZIP".