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Cluster Resolver for Google Cloud TPUs.

Inherits From: ClusterResolver

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This is an implementation of cluster resolvers for the Google Cloud TPU service.

TPUClusterResolver supports the following distinct environments: Google Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine Google internal

It can be passed into tf.distribute.TPUStrategy to support TF2 training on Cloud TPUs.

tpu A string corresponding to the TPU to use. It can be the TPU name or TPU worker gRPC address. If not set, it will try automatically resolve the TPU address on Cloud TPUs. If set to "local", it will assume that the TPU is directly connected to the VM instead of over the network.
zone Zone where the TPUs are located. If omitted or empty, we will assume that the zone of the TPU is the same as the zone of the GCE VM, which we will try to discover from the GCE metadata service.
project Name of the GCP project containing Cloud TPUs. If omitted or empty, we will try to discover the project name of the GCE VM from the GCE metadata service.
job_name Name of the TensorFlow job the TPUs belong to.
coordinator_name The name to use for the coordinator. Set to None if the coordinator should not be included in the computed ClusterSpec.
coordinator_address The address of the coordinator (typically an ip:port pair). If set to None, a TF server will be started. If coordinator_name is None, a TF server will not be started even if coordinator_address is Non