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The base class for TensorFlow exceptions.

Usually, TensorFlow will raise a more specific subclass of OpError from the tf.errors module.

node_def The node_def_pb2.NodeDef proto representing the op that failed, if known; otherwise None.
op The ops.Operation that failed, if known; otherwise None. During eager execution, this field is always None.
message The message string describing the failure.
error_code The error_codes_pb2.Code describing the error.
*args If not empty, it should contain a dictionary describing details about the error. This argument is inspired by Abseil payloads:

error_code The integer error code that describes the error.
experimental_payloads A dictionary describing the details of the error.
message The error message that describes the error.
node_def The NodeDef proto representing the op that failed.
op The operation that failed, if known.