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Module: tf.experimental

Public API for tf.experimental namespace.


dlpack module: Public API for tf.experimental.dlpack namespace.

numpy module: # tf.experimental.numpy: NumPy API on TensorFlow.

tensorrt module: Public API for tf.experimental.tensorrt namespace.


class BatchableExtensionType: An ExtensionType that can be batched and unbatched.

class ExtensionType: Base class for TensorFlow ExtensionType classes.

class ExtensionTypeBatchEncoder: Class used to encode and decode extension type values for batching.

class Optional: Represents a value that may or may not be present.


async_clear_error(...): Clear pending operations and error statuses in async execution.

async_scope(...): Context manager for grouping async operations.

dispatch_for_api(...): Decorator that overrides the default implementation for a TensorFlow API.

dispatch_for_binary_elementwise_apis(...): Decorator to override default implementation for binary elementwise APIs.

dispatch_for_unary_elementwise_apis(...): Decorator to override default implementation for unary elementwise APIs.

function_executor_type(...): Context manager for setting the executor of eager defined functions.

register_filesystem_plugin(...): Loads a TensorFlow FileSystem plugin.

unregister_dispatch_for(...): Unregisters a function that was registered with @dispatch_for_*.