Module: tf.keras.applications.nasnet

NASNet-A models for Keras.

NASNet refers to Neural Architecture Search Network, a family of models that were designed automatically by learning the model architectures directly on the dataset of interest.

Here we consider NASNet-A, the highest performance model that was found for the CIFAR-10 dataset, and then extended to ImageNet 2012 dataset, obtaining state of the art performance on CIFAR-10 and ImageNet 2012. Only the NASNet-A models, and their respective weights, which are suited for ImageNet 2012 are provided.

The below table describes the performance on ImageNet 2012:

  Architecture       | Top-1 Acc | Top-5 Acc |  Multiply-Adds |  Params (M)

| NASNet-A (4 @ 1056) | 74.0 % | 91.6 % | 564 M | 5.3 |