Module: tf.keras.layers

Keras layers API.


experimental module: Public API for tf.keras.layers.experimental namespace.


class AbstractRNNCell: Abstract object representing an RNN cell.

class Activation: Applies an activation function to an output.

class ActivityRegularization: Layer that applies an update to the cost function based input activity.

class Add: Layer that adds a list of inputs.

class AdditiveAttention: Additive attention layer, a.k.a. Bahdanau-style attention.

class AlphaDropout: Applies Alpha Dropout to the input.

class Attention: Dot-product attention layer, a.k.a. Luong-style attention.

class Average: Layer that averages a list of inputs element-wise.

class AveragePooling1D: Average pooling for temporal data.

class AveragePooling2D: Average pooling operation for spatial data.