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Enqueues zero or more tuples of one or more tensors in the given queue.

This operation slices each component tensor along the 0th dimension to make multiple queue elements. All of the tuple components must have the same size in the 0th dimension.

The components input has k elements, which correspond to the components of tuples stored in the given queue.

N.B. If the queue is full, this operation will block until the given elements have been enqueued (or 'timeout_ms' elapses, if specified).

handle A Tensor of type resource. The handle to a queue.
components A list of Tensor objects. One or more tensors from which the enqueued tensors should be taken.
timeout_ms An optional int. Defaults to -1. If the queue is too full, this operation will block for up to timeout_ms milliseconds. Note: This option is not supported yet.
name A name for the operation (optional).

The created Operation.