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Gather slices from the variable pointed to by resource according to indices.

indices must be an integer tensor of any dimension (usually 0-D or 1-D). Produces an output tensor with shape indices.shape + params.shape[1:] where:

    # Scalar indices
    output[:, ..., :] = params[indices, :, ... :]

    # Vector indices
    output[i, :, ..., :] = params[indices[i], :, ... :]

    # Higher rank indices
    output[i, ..., j, :, ... :] = params[indices[i, ..., j], :, ..., :]

resource A Tensor of type resource.
indices A Tensor. Must be one of the following types: int32, int64.
dtype A tf.DType.
batch_dims An optional int. Defaults to 0.
validate_indices An optional bool. Defaults to True.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type dtype.